Mitchelville Beach

  • Mitchelville Beach Hilton Head Island

If you’re looking for a less crowed, quiet beachside escape then Mitchelville Beach might just be for you! Located at 124 Mitchelville Road, this beach is one of the less populated even during the busiest parts of the day. The trees inch up right up to the beach and there is some grass in the water that looks beautiful in the mornings and evenings. It’s a great place for little explorers who like to look for shells, driftwood and animal tracks in the sand.

This is one of the few beaches with out matting leading out to the shore, but it does still have a bathroom, an outdoor sand shower and a couple picnic tables in a clearing amid the trees. This natural landscape is one of the best on the island, so don’t forget your bug spray because nature likes to greet you.

And if you’re really looking for an adventure, head on out across the long bridge to Barker Field! It’ll lead you to a recreational park with a large multi-purpose field, three baseball fields, a playground and observation deck over the marshes.