Fish Haul Creek Beach

  • Fish Haul Creek Beach

Fish Haul Creek Beach is another untouched beauty on Hilton Head. To get to this hidden gem, you’ll have to take a short trek through the woods (well, as woody as it gets on the island). The path that leads out from the parking lot takes guests to the beach, but not without a few stops on the way!

The first is an observation deck out over the marshes, where tons of fiddler crabs scurry around upon hearing footsteps on the bridge. At the end of this this dock is a covered pavilion with a circular bench as well as a binocular machine. Keep an eye out for all kinds of birds; see who can spot the most different kinds!

Head down the path a little further and a pavilion will appear on the left with a couple picnic tables – a great spot to stop for lunch! Keep walking and you’ll arrive at the end of the trail, where the dirt meets the sand. And the adventure doesn’t have to stop there! With grassy spots, rocks, sandbars and plenty of sand to spread out on, Fish Haul Creek Beach is just waiting to be explored!