Discover the Togetherness of Golf

September is the perfect month to work on your golf swing and to enjoy the spirit of togetherness that defines golf.
“Together” can be defined in many different ways — as companionship, touching, close association, at the same time and united in agreement. Today’s culture is fast and furious, and we often communicate digitally more than we do face-to-face. I encourage you to discover the togetherness of golf.

T: Time

Time with others, walking and talking.

O: Outside

Outside experiencing nature that has been lovingly manicured.

G:  Golf

Golf is a leisure sport that requires very little physical effort and is very social.

E:  Everyone

Everyone can play. Golf is a game that people of all ages can play. You can start at any age and skill levels do not matter.

T: Test

Test your creative and analytical skills, working in harmony to create something beautiful and exhilarating.

H:  Happy

Happy you will be when you realize the true spirit of the game, established by shepherds as a recreational activity.

E:  Enjoy

Enjoy playing the game with others for whatever motivates you: social interaction, exercise, competition, nature and more.

R: Rejoice

Rejoice that golf is a game of opposites. The harder you try, the worse you do!

Golf truly is a sport for life.

Hilton Head Island has several golfers in their 90s who walk and talk as they play nine holes. We offer classes at Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy for ages 3 and up, and are experienced in helping physically and mentally handicapped people discover ways to play the game. I invite everyone to come and experience golf the way it is meant to be played. Enjoy every moment on the golf course this month. I hope to see you out on the green!

By Doug Weaver, Director of Instruction, Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy

A former PGA Tour pro and member of the local golf Hall of Fame, Doug Weaver is the Director of Instruction at the Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy. He conducts “Where Does the Power Come From?”, a free clinic and demonstration, every Monday at 4 p.m. 843-785-1138, 800-827-3006 or