Colingy Beach

  • Coligny Beach

If you’re looking for the most popular beach on the island, this is it, Coligny Beach, located right at the end of Pope Avenue. Whether you want to bike, walk, ride a taxi or beach cart is all up to you. It’s one of the busier parts of town because of all the hotels, shops and restaurants in and around Coligny Plaza, a town hub full of everything you could need on a day at the beach and more. If you choose to hop in a car, there’s free parking on Pope Avenue and also a drop off point at Coligny Circle, so family or friends can get to the beach as fast as possible. It’s at this point you’ll also find beach taxis and, off to the side, several bike racks.

The city dubs it a beach park, because there’s so many amenities to appease guests – sand showers, gazebos, covered and uncovered benches and swings, restrooms, even an in-ground water fountain at the entrance welcoming crowds (kids can run, stop and a jet, get wet, play; it might even be their favorite part of the beach).