Some Tips For Beach Photos!

What to Wear for a Beach Portrait? (some suggestions)

Beach Casual: Wear a beach casual style for your next beach portrait. Beach casual is khaki shorts, capris, skirts or pants. Your top should be light in color with no patterns like flowers or stripes. If the beach portrait will include more than one person then you should coordinate on the color of your blouses and shirts. It is a good idea to wear the same colors because this will bring more focus to the faces in your beach portrait. Beach casual also means minimal jewelry and bare feet. If the weather is cooler, then long sleeves and pants are okay. Women need to think about their hair style too. Beach weather can sometimes get breezy. Plan ahead wearing a hairstyle that is suitable for windy weather.

The Blues: Blue is the perfect color for beach portrait outfits. Any shades of blue will go well with the surrounding scenery, making your beach portrait that much more harmonious. Blues come in different shades, so if taking family or group portraits, try to coordinate your blue colors. Stonewashed denim shirts are a popular choice for beach portraits. Wear blue jean shorts or pants. Keep your feet bare and your jewelry selection minimal.

Classic Whites: Wear a crisp white shirt at your beach portrait session. The white colors of your shirt will put the emphasis on the people in the portrait and not the clothes. Button-down shirts, polo shirts and even plain white t-shirts will add an ethereal quality to your portrait. However, not everyone has to wear the same style shirt. You could let everyone’s personality shine through with their white shirt choice. Add to the simplicity and drama of your portrait by wearing white pants, shorts and skirts, too.

Hair & Makeup: Even if you don’t normally sport makeup please make sure you have some color on your cheeks and lips-depending upon the day sometimes no color can make you look washed out so, even if its light, it will look more natural. Also, as you know, sometimes the beach can be windy so make sure to go out and see just how windy it is – if the wind is up you might consider styling your hair a different way so it won’t be in your face the entire time. Certainly we can remove stray hairs from those prized favorites but if you get too much it just doesn’t edit out very naturally!