Pickleball Makes Family Memories

By Mark Anders, Head Pickleball Pro, Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort

On Sunday, June 9 — after a very challenging day threatened by rain, including a brief downpour 30 minutes before the clinic was set to begin — 24 members of the Egan clan from Cincinnati, Ohio, arrived for two hours of pickleball instruction and round robin play.  The age range was anchored by Trevor on the low end, who proudly announced that he was “six and three-quarters,” and the family patriarch Rick Egan, who was, let’s say, on the mature end.  

With the assistance of two of our finest instructors, Sandy Donaldson and Nancy Clouse, the team at Palmetto Dunes Pickleball Center squeegeed the courts and, with the help of some remaining sunshine and wind, we began play at 6:30 p.m. Nancy corralled the kids and worked on hand-eye coordination drills and stroke mechanics, including the all-important serve, while Sandy and I worked with the young adults and seniors. There was some serious athletic talent on the courts that night, with all groups progressing quickly.  

This was the first family event we have hosted under the lights at the Pickleball Center. Surely, the Egan family would readily agree that an evening outing was the perfect time to learn and play pickleball. We look forward to more family groups coming together to learn this fun sport and creating memories that last a lifetime.

Many thanks to the Egan Family for a fun night!  

For more information, visit PalmettoDunes.com/Activities. To reserve a spot in a clinic or round robin, call (866) 242-3169.