“Oysters – Not just a seafood delicacy”

Event Details

On March 23, the Coastal Discovery Museum will host “Oysters – Not just a seafood delicacy” at 3 p.m. Nancy Hadley of the SCDNR will present an overview of oyster reefs – importance, status, and restoration. Hadley has 30 years experience as a shellfish biologist with SCDNR and currently directs the Shellfish Management Office for SCDNR. She also manages the South Carolina Oyster Restoration and Enhancement program, a community-based habitat restoration program. Come learn why you should care about oyster reefs and how you can help conserve and restore these precious resources. $7 per person and reservations are required. For more information, call the Coastal Discovery Museum at (843) 689-6767 ext 223 or go to coastaldiscovery.org.