Jarvis Creek Park

There’s a lot to do at Jarvis Creek Park, especially if you’re in the mood to move! This 53-acre park boasts all kinds of amenities and promotes activity for everyone – from toddlers and their older siblings to parents and grandparents.

jc viewTrails

Pathways extend all over the park and around the lake creating a 1.1 mile loop. Runners, joggers and walkers are all welcome to explore the lakeside paths that extend out into wooded areas. This paved trail is equipped with wooden bridges over marshy areas, so no one has to get their feet too dirty.

jc pathExercising at Jarvis Creek Park

There are nine pieces of outdoor training equipment in a peaceful area behind the Live Oak the park was designed around to do some exercises. Each station has a set of instructions that explains how to use the equipment and perform the exercise. You even get a beautiful view of the lake while you’re strengthening your core.

jc workout


There’s plenty of room in the grassy fields to play a sport, do some yoga or any other kind of fun activities you can think of! Just be sure to bring a ball, your yoga mat or some friends and let the good times begin.



Anyone looking for a little fishing break? This is a great spot to bring the kids and cast a line because the 11-acre lake is stocked with Blue Gill and Largemouth Bass, and you’ll probably see several of them swimming around if you look closely enough. Just be sure and throw them back in the water, because there’s a catch and release program at this park.

jc dock djc fish boat

But those fish aren’t the only thing in the water, so you might want to think twice before letting your kids run up to the edge. The lake is also home to a few lazy alligators that should not be fed. You may see a turtle or two swimming circles around them but it’s always good to be cautious.

jc alli c


If anyone wants to take a lunch break, go on a picnic or grill out with friends, this is the place to go! Not only is there plenty to do, but there are three seperate pavilions armed with charcoal grills and plenty of picnic tables to accommodate big groups.

jc pavThe newest pavilion (pictured below) was a gift provided by Ray and Linda Moloney to promote wellness and health. It’s a great spot to get a little shade and take a break. You could even do some stretches or exercises in the pavilion if you wanted to!

jc new pavilion


What park would be complete without a playground? And Jarvis Creek has not one, but two playgrounds for kids to have some fun climbing around.

jc playground small jc playground bigNext to the larger playground, there’s even a swing set facing the grassy meadow.

jc swingAnd when you’re finished, be sure to go get a drink of water at the water fountain by the restrooms or something from the vending machine, go get a seat in the shade under a tree and relax.

jc bathrooms