Crossings Park

Be sure to check out one of the very first recreational parks on Hilton Head – Crossings Park! It’s one of the biggest parks with plenty of land and trails to explore, and a hot spot for activity year-round with three baseball fields, a concession stand plaza, meadow, playground and sports arena nearby.

c bb fieldIn 1992 the city purchased 85 acres to build the first recreational facility on the island, which became Crossings Park. It was finished in 1996 and a year later the hockey rink at the Bristol Sports Arena was completed, one block away from the park’s entrance.

Rowley Ballfield Complex

The clean and upkept Rowley Ballfield Complex is located inside the park and has all kinds of amenities for players and the audience. Water fountains and covered seating areas are just the beginning.

rowley ballfield complexThe complex boasts three baseball fields, as well as several netted batting cages for players to practice their swing. There is even a netted pavilion between field one and two so players can practice their batting in a covered area.

c battingAll of the fields have two sets of covered bleachers so fans, friends and family can enjoy the games in the shade.

c covered

Jim Carlin Plaza

Upon entering is the Jim Carlin Plaza, where guests can find concessions during the games. The plaza was named after Jim Carlin who checked himself out of the hospital after a heart bypass surgery to drive to Ohio and cast the deciding vote on the construction of the park. c complex

Mullen Meadow

If baseball, softball or tee ball isn’t your sport, then head over to Mullen Meadow, a multi-purpose field on the other side of the parking lot. There’s plenty of room to play and run around in this grassy area.

mullen meadow 4

Kid’s Crossroads playground

In the shade of some trees is a popular spot for kids – the playground!

c play 1


If you’re in a more of a exploratory mood, then venture out under the shade of live oaks on the marked dirt trail. It’s located between the playground and meadow, next to the parallel parking before you reach the baseball complex. A green post marks the beginning of the trail. It doesn’t matter if you want to walk or head out on a bike, both are encouraged.


Crossings Park is located at 4 Haig Point Court, off of Arrow Road and Helmsman Way.