Chaplin Community Park

chap pavilionChaplin Community Park has all the makings for a great afternoon with beach access, basketball and tennis courts, a playground and even a dog park! This large park is all connected by pathways, so it’s easy to get from one place to another, whether that be on foot or bike.

chap path

A large grassy field dominates the park, where all kinds of sports teams practice and play. But that’s not the only spot to play a little game. There are also two basketball courts and four tennis courts across the park, near the baseball field. Yes, this park has it all! Whatever sport you’re looking to play, this park has a place for it; just be sure to bring the ball.

chap tennis2If you think this field will be a great spot for an event, just remember to contact the Beaufort County Parks & Leisure and the Island Recreation Association to schedule anything.

chap bball ctsThe dog park is just a short walk away on the shaded pathway. Don’t worry, there are posts with arrows to guide visitors to different places. This large dog park is a great stop to make with your pup, so he can run around with other furry friends and play a little game of catch! There are even water fountains in case he gets a little thirsty.chap dog gate

chapdog park