b signFor those looking for something other than golf and tennis, head on over to the Bristol Sports Arena next to Crossings Park. This sports complex is a great place to get a little energy out with its multipurpose rink and skate park. b skateThis area next to Crossings Park got its name after the Bristol Family, who donated money to fund the building of the roller hockey rink. They had actually planned to build two rinks, but when someone proposed a skate park, they agreed that it’d be a good addition.

b arena 2b arenaThe combined roller hockey rink and basketball facility, dubbed “Bristol Sports Arena,” opened in 1997 and three years later, in 2000, the skate park opened.

b skate 3b arenaIn 2011 the park temporarily closed for renovations. Cracks kept forming in the rink so they switched the facilities. Both were on concrete slabs, so they relocated the roller hockey rink to its current spot, which was where the originals skate park was. They also added new bleachers, installed new lights and constructed new ramps for the skate park.

b skate 4

b skate poleRestrooms are located in the building between the two facilities as well as a water fountain and Coca-Cola vending machine in the small covered area.

b bathrooms

Bristol Sports Arena is located at 4 Helmsman Way, just off of off of Arrow Road on Helmsman Way.