Barker Field

Located next to Mitchelville Beach is Barker Field, a recreational park complete with an open multi-purpose field as well as three baseball fields. It’s a great place to get a little sunshine if you’re looking to get off the sandy shores and run around. There’s plenty of green grass to play a game of football or soccer on the field so be sure and bring a ball!

bb field 2The multi-purpose field is mostly fenced off and surrounded by trees, so you don’t have to worry about a ball flying too far. Overhead lights stand tall above the trees so everyone can have a little fun at evening games. And if you need a quick bathroom break, there are restrooms right next to the field.

 b rhouse

Across the street from this field, you’ll find three baseball fields as well as a concession stand and a small playground. Local leagues practice and play on these fields in season and you can tell that kids love to have fun on the playground during games.

bb field 3The playground is located right next to one of the fields and is fenced and netted so no one will get hit by a stray ball. Parents can keep an eye on their kids but still stay up with the game.

b playground wideIf you follow the path around the multi-purpose field, by the restrooms and across the street from the baseball fields, you’ll find two bridges. The first is a long bridge that stretches out over the marshes, leading to Mitchelville Beach Park, where you can get beach access.

 b lookout dock bridge to mitchelville

The second leads to an observation deck out over the marshes, where you can get a great view of the water and watch all kinds of birds fly overhead.

b lookout2