Putting LOVE into your golf Christmas gifts

By Doug Weaver

How do you spell love? T- I- M-E. Golf Present

If you want to put love into your golf gifts, then don’t just give players a new club or ball, but things that will last much longer – like a lesson or a free round of golf. These things aren’t just nice items to stock up in their bag; they allow the recipient to create memories and get better at a game they love. Here are a few golf gifts that keep on giving!

1. A pre-paid round of golf. Did you know that you can make a tee time and pre-pay it? You can also get gift a gift card at a desirable golf course that allows the golfer to make the tee time. When you purchase the gift card, just be sure to let the professional know your intent.

2. Instead of a golf club, give a lesson on how to use the clubs they have already. When the golf swing is good, the clubs from 20 years ago are effective today. Time with a nurturing, patient coach will bring immediate joy to their game and rekindle their passion for it. Purchasing a club for someone is a big guess. Providing a series of lessons may cost the same as one new golf club. Plus, the lessons offer great flexibility for the golfer to develop all parts of the game or return later as needed to continue making improvements. This will produce long lasting results and the “honeymoon effect.”

3. A little advice from a Golf Psychologist. This affordable gift can be life changing. Most golfers have several bad shots or habits that are rooted in their personality, resulting from influences from work habits, parents, friends or other golfers that improperly mentored them. Mentalgolfworkshop.com is an affordable and professional online golf psychology service that identifies the golfers patterns and offers a report on how to blend your personality into successful golf. The website offers testimonials from PGA Tour players, parents and college coaches. The service is branch of the DISC Profile System used worldwide in the Human Resources Industry.

4. Time with a golf exercise trainer. Many people and golfers alike lose confidence in themselves simply because they have not done it recently. A Golf Mobility Class will increase confidence in kids and adults becoming more mobile, agile and stronger, therefore seeing the ball go farther and straighter effortlessly. Also, the class benefits normal activity in life.

5. Time playing on the course with a professional. Play with the pro and let them learn as they go. It’s kind of like going fishing in the local salt marshes or ocean – a guide is necessary, otherwise it is blind luck to catch a fish. Studies prove that many people quit golf or reduce their play significantly because they are not having fun. Quitting can be prevented by time with a coach, who teaches you how to enjoy the game.

Golf is a game for a lifetime. If you need any help choosing that special golf gift, or if you’re in need of golfing advice, feel free to call Doug at (843) 338-9598. He’ll help you find a gift that will be well received and cherished for many years. One from which many smiles and stories will come, when you get friends and family out in the fresh air on the fairways.