Pisces Seafood, Sushi & Steak Opens on Hilton Head Island

  • Pisces on Hilton Head Island

Seafood and steaks are not something uncommon to Hilton Head Island menus. But it’s not everyday that you’ll find a sultry collection of sushi alongside these enjoyable entrees. That’s where Pisces Seafood, Sushi & Steak fits in. One of Hilton Head Island’s newest restaurants combines these in hopes of not only filling a niche missing from the market, but also satisfying a wide variety of guests.

“We wanted to try to cover all the bases,” General Manager Glenn Bradley explains. “Pretty much everyone on the Island has seafood, and there are a lot of steak restaurants, as well as seafood and steak restaurants, but there aren’t any seafood, steak and sushi restaurants.”

Pisces Seafood Sushi Steak HHITheir extensive menu featuring everything from shellfish and surf and turf to tacos, certified angus beef burgers, sushi and tableside flambé desserts was crafted by Sergio Zumaya, who owns the restaurant with Bradley and Fidel Terrano. With over 40 entrees to choose from, they will also utilize fresh fish caught locally for nightly specials.

Bradley and Zumaya met while working in Hugo’s and when word got around that Hugo Arrieta was looking to sell the restaurant, Zumaya and Terrano, showed interest in buying. They asked Bradley to be the general manager and he obliged and brought with him the new name of the restaurant—Pisces.

“That was the name of the first place I worked when I moved to Hilton Head,” Bradley said, referring to the restaurant located in the Mariners Inn in the 1980s. “It actually became so popular with locals that hotel guests were not able to get reservations in there.”

“Pisces” stuck with Bradley—a fond memory that’s now coming full circle. With this new restaurant, Bradley hopes to see some of the people from his old “Pisces days” and bring customers that he’s met at other establishments to this newly styled space, located at 841 William Hilton Pkwy, just five minutes from Shelter Cove Harbour and Shelter Cove Community Park.

Pisces Hilton Head Restaurant

Photos by Andrea Six.

With new management came a new look—a lighter, brighter feel with a color palette that pulls the island vibes in. What was once Hugo’s and La Normandie transformed into Pisces. Carpet was taken out and the concrete floor was stained, complimenting the sea foam green and pastel blue walls with a rustic accent. To continue this theme, the black vinyl-top tables were recovered with stained and refinished wood slats. Wooden floors were installed in the raised portion of the dining area, while carpet was replaced in the new sushi room upfront, which was once private dining space. Nautical décor and new lighting fixtures went up, the ceiling tiles were painted black and skylights uncovered to let more natural light in.

“It definitely is looking like a new fresh restaurant,” Bradley said, calling attention to the fact that they won’t be using white tablecloths.

Bradley said the new space has a casual elegant feel—a comfortable space but on the nicer end of the spectrum. With a renovated bar, they hope to develop and maintain a local crowd and will be offering Early Bird and Happy Hour specials from 4-6 p.m.


Pisces Seafood, Sushi & Steak is located in the same plaza at The Lucky Rooster and Island Bagel & Deli, at 841 William Hilton Pkwy. For more information about Pisces, call the restaurant at (843) 341-3300 or see their Facebook page.