New Signature Craft Beer Brewed by Hilton Head Island Businesses

CRAB Pilsner, Hilton Head Island Brewing Company, Coastal Restaurants and Bars of Hilton Head

Photo by Amanda Surowitz

Nothing pairs better with lazy summer days on the beach or in the water like a cold beer. Now that Coastal Restaurants and Bars (CRAB) and Hilton Head Brewing Company have come together and created CRAB Pilsner, there’s a perfect beer to complement Island life.

“Coastal Restaurants and Bars was looking for the perfect summer beer to fit all tastes when they partnered with Hilton Head Brewing Company for our signature beer,” said Abby Wirth, Marketing for Coastal Restaurants and Bars. “CRAB Pilsner is a bright and crisp lager that’s perfect for coastal living.”

All CRAB’s locations serve their new brew: The Crazy Crabs at Jarvis Creek and Harbour Town, Reilley’s Grill and Bar and North End Pub, Aunt Chilada’s Easy Street Café, The Boardroom, Carolina Crab Company and Fishcamp on Broad Creek. You can also try it at the Island’s first brewery, the Hilton Head Brewing Company, located on the north end.

At first sip, this gold-colored pilsner has a bright and crisp taste reminiscent of a hard cider. Instead of candy-sweet fruit, however, the flavor is all hops. Both connoisseurs of and newcomers to beer will appreciate the smooth body with a clean finish. On its own, the beer is a refreshing break from the Island heat that doesn’t sit heavily. Paired with fried shrimp, fish and chips or any CRAB seafood specialty, and the taste just gets richer.

“CRAB Pilsner is a truly local beer—marrying two locally run and operated businesses that live for the coastal, island lifestyle,” said Wirth. “Its light and refreshing flavor exemplifies the Lowcountry’s laid-back feel and what draws so many visitors to our Island year after year.”