Lee Lucier and J.R. Richardson bring Fish to Coligny Plaza

Coligny PlazaRestaurateur Lee Lucier is on a roll. Now that Local Pie Bluffton is open and running in Old Town, Lucier is onto his next project with J.R. Richardson: Fish! This new restaurant is taking over the space that formerly housed Steamer Seafood, and will be opening in Coligny Plaza this spring with not only a fresh look, but also an array of fresh seafood.

“Just real simple, approachable food,” Lucier said. “Having as much local, regional food as we can.”

The menu, which is built upon the base of scratch-made food, will feature everything from fried shrimp, oysters and flounder to Carolina grits, clams, lobster, a seafood platter and five or six seafood entrees, which may change periodically to keep the menu in sync with what’s in season.

SeafoodThere will also be a full raw bar at Fish! along with indoor and outdoor seating and an event space, called the Fishbowl, which will feature live music on weekends. They are taking the secondary room that Steamer Seafood used as overflow seating and turning it into a banquet space, which can be rented out and catered, as well as a live music venue on Fridays and Saturdays.

“When you see a space, immediately a lot of people think about what the space can be,” Lucier explained. “We were not looking at what the space can be, but what this area has always had and what’s been successful.”

With The Frosty Frog and Big Bamboo Café crafting an entertainment scene in Coligny, Fish will build off if it, not only offering entertainment, but also a trendy new spot to enjoy quality food. They are not just cleaning up the space; they are gutting it.

“Basically we’re keeping the outside walls and the roof,” Lucier said. “The footprint works out well, but it just needs a full run of the interior—something that matches the vibe of the menu.”

If you’ve stepped inside either of Lucier’s Local Pie restaurants, then it’s easy to guess what Fish! will look like—a modernized space with a cool, comfortable environment that’s welcoming and fun to be at with friends. In their renovations, they are expanding the outdoor space, adding a full-service bar outside and the raw bar inside.

“I think Fish kind of mirrors all the other restaurants we have,” Lucier said. “First having a great environment and having local staff, and then having as much local, regional food as we can, whether it’s pizza or seafood, and all of that stacked on the fundamental basis of scratch food.”