Get Fit in the New Year

Making positive lifestyle changes is key to long-term success.

A new, healthier lifestyle is often at the top of people’s resolutions for 2018. According to David Simcox, owner of CrossFit May River in Bluffton, SC, one of the biggest misconceptions about shaping up your lifestyle is that you need to change everything all at once.

“I think most fitness resolutions fail because people go from doing nothing to thinking they need to do everything,” he said. “We encourage a gradual change to your lifestyle. We ease people over a period of time, and it’s more effective.”

Before jumping right into a gym membership or a rigorous workout your body isn’t prepared for, start small. Take your dog on longer walks, opt for the stairs and drink more water. Look to programs like CrossFit’s nutritional coaching, which introduces a new, healthy habit every two weeks. Nutrition is the foundation to a healthy life.

“You’re not looking at a quick fix to drop 20 pounds in time for a wedding or something,” David said. “We want to encourage a healthy lifestyle you’ll keep for the next 20 years.”

Instead of making drastic and uncomfortable changes to your lifestyle, David suggests asking yourself, “Where do I want to be in a year, or two years?”

Then work on how to take baby steps to make that goal a reality.

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