Hilton Head Wine and Food Festival

Hilton Head Island Wine and Food FestivalFor over 30 years Hilton Head’s Wine and Food Festival has brought numerous vintages and amazing plates to the island each March. Intending to help boost culinary awareness as well as sponsorship on the island, the Wine and Food Festival pairs with numerous restaurants and bars on the island to introduce delectable food, and refreshing wines to the community and any one of the thousands of visitors the festival draws to the island every year.

Hilton Head Wine and Food Festival Wine TastingFor a week, the Hilton Head Wine and Food Festival brings all kinds of events, from wine tastings and movies to celebrity chef dinners and special three-course meal nights at restaurants with special sommeliers in house and chefs teaming up to make culinary masterpieces. But the big attraction is the Public Tasting, which is always outdoors on a Saturday afternoon. Guests can taste all kinds of wines, shop at booths and munch on lunch and snacks from food vendors.

In 2015 the Wine and Food Festival moved this keystone event (along with several others) to Sea Pines Resort, rather than staying at Honey Horn. With more indoor space, the programs expanded, and the festival had more to offer.

Tickets for individual events during the festival are available online, as well as packages with different events and even lodging. If you are an attendee of the Wine and Food Festival, your entrance into Sea Pines is free of charge, rather than the usual $6. You may also buy individual event tickets to each event. Click here to find out more about the Hilton Head Wine and Food Festival.

Hilton Head Wine and Food Festival Public Tasting